Michael K. - Pretty Big Deal



Michael K. - Singer/Songwriter

Michael K.'s got hooks... catchy well-written pop/rock songs that are easily identifiable to listeners of all ages. His songs have been featured on ABC Family TV, MTV, and a Showtime original movie. Michael K hails from Pennsylvania, but it's the Chesapeake Bay area where he now resides, and what most informs his work. The brick roadways of Annapolis, the city streets of Baltimore, and the waters of the Bay itself imbue his songs with a sense of warmth without sacrificing verve.

Michael K. regular performs duo gigs around town with Todd Kreuzburg as well as full band gigs. There’s always a generous amount of original tunes included in these shows along with a variety of pop, rock, and alternative covers.

Michael K. is constantly writing new songs, many of which have been placed in network TV series, MTV series, and premium channel (HBO, ShowTime, etc.) series. Michael K.’s original song “After the Rain” was used in the Tim Disney major motion picture American Violet (2008) and the very same song went on to take top song honors in a recent  Baltimore Songwriters’ Association contest.